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Marketing Automation Strategies

We develop automated marketing systems that are just right for your business. We focus our efforts on things that actually work to achieve your sales and marketing goals.

Explode Your Sales in 3 Easy and Foolproof Steps

Receive the Left’s FREE Guide now and stop trusting “Gurus” that cost you much more than what you actually get.

Explode your digital sales

Attract qualified leads


Your potential customers are looking for exactly what you sell. But being in Google is not enough.
The majority of your clients find a business like yours using always the same keywords.
The problem is that your competitors know this too and they are on Google as well.

So you must be outstanding!
But we want to be effective, not just to be different, so we test everything.

DATA will tell us what’s the right way to attract as many clients as possible paying as little as possible.

Engage, for real


You could get millions of visitors to your website. But, if they left after a few seconds, you are wasting all the effort to get them.
You have seconds to awake their interest… seconds!
So ensure you are not wasting money telling them what is your vision for 2025 or showing them amazing photos that are absolutely irrelevant to them.
Yes, your website must be cool and fulfill your brand guideline but that’s not enough. It must have the best pitch ever, just like any seller, because it’s actually your most important seller.
But, how to sell effectively?
Your website shouldn’t tell your clients how it could help them but actually help them.

Sell, that's it


All your marketing efforts have 1 purpose, SELL.
But a small percentage of your visitors are willing to buy straight away.
That’s a hard truth for small businesses. Nevertheless, the majority of your visitors are willing to buy, just not now, so follow up every single one!
Following up on thousands of leads manually is just impossible, but it’s easy using marketing automation!
And trust us, every lead is gold when we follow up and make them feel supported.
It’s like selling one to one, one thousand times.
Start exploding your sales now!

Brand experience

Answers to your questions

Attract HQ leads


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Engage, for real

Lead Generation Content

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Inbound Marketing

What is Inbound Marketing? 

Sale, that’s it

Marketing Automation

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Email Marketing

What is Email Automation and why it is so effective? 

Feel supported, always

We provide world-class marketing solutions using the most valuable tools for web design and marketing automation, trusted by worldwide companies.

Don’t waste time and money with “experts” that cost more than what you actually get. Coding from scratch to build a website or to set up an automated campaign is literally like re-invent the wheel.

We will never charge absurd fees, you just pay for what you get with a full guarantee and local support in Australia.


"Lefts team has worked with me in several projects and always with good results. They are experts in automation marketing and led all the initial marketing strategy at InvexValue reaching all the primary goals we established. They have knowledge in different industries and that is a very valuable resource for a marketing agency. I can recommend them with confidence."

Sebastian Rodriguez

CEO at InvexValue

"Lefts Marketing has worked on our marketing strategies, built our website (which we love), and developed an intuitive chatbot, which has a tremendous capacity to filter cold vs hot leads. The team efforts have allowed our business to cater to our growing clientele, which has grown largely in part to his efforts. They are technically gifted, have an amazing eye for detail, and have coached my team and me on how to get the best mileage out of the technology they implemented. I would recommend Lefts to anyone looking to set up smart marketing automation systems, be them small or large, as well as to anyone looking to step up their website game with more vivid and user-friendly graphics."

Jorge Gamba

Director at Gamba Migration

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