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"Lefts team has worked with me in several projects and always with good results. They are experts in automation marketing and led all the initial marketing strategy at InvexValue reaching all the primary goals we established. They have knowledge in different industries and that is a very valuable resource for a marketing agency. I can recommend them with confidence."

Sebastian Rodriguez

CEO at InvexValue

"Lefts Marketing has worked on our marketing strategies, built our website (which we love), and developed an intuitive chatbot, which has a tremendous capacity to filter cold vs hot leads. The team efforts have allowed our business to cater to our growing clientele, which has grown largely in part to his efforts. They are technically gifted, have an amazing eye for detail, and have coached my team and me on how to get the best mileage out of the technology they implemented. I would recommend Lefts to anyone looking to set up smart marketing automation systems, be them small or large, as well as to anyone looking to step up their website game with more vivid and user-friendly graphics."

Jorge Gamba

Director at Gamba Migration

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